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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Jan. 16, 2005

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Victoria Crawford
On Facing Former Head Coach Joye Lee-McNelis
Most of the time in our break, we run the right side of the floor, so I'm running right over there by her, it was just different, because I would look at her out of the corner of my eye, and it was just weird.

The game was fun. She made a choice to be home closer to her parents and I understand that. Everyone was looking forward to this game. We knew we'd have a big crowd and all the old players are here and it really was a fun game.

From the jump, we started to run, and we really didn't get tired.

You just go down there and score the easy bucket and then go play some defense.

Jennifer Sullivan

I guess I didn't realize how difficult it would be until game-day. We saw her family and seeing all the fans and I was trying my hardest to keep everything the same. Coach Savage did a good job of explaining that to the team and putting emotion on side, out of the picture.

We came out with a lot of energy. I figured it would be that way, keeping it up for 40 minutes would be the hard part.

We started rebounding, we started rebounding from the jump and we ran. Once we get rebounding, we can get our transition game going.

That's been kind of building up over the last two games, first at Charlotte, then against Tulane is was OK, it's not just because it's Southern Miss. We've just been confident and coming together as a team.

Any game like this in conference helps because a lot of games in conference all go down to the wire, so to get a game like this when we're about to go on the road where we've been struggling can do nothing but help and make everybody more excited to take on UAB.

Head Coach Blair Savage



I think Coach Crosby did a good job of getting them loose. She was dancing with them and singing with them, we've got to give her credit, she recognized that and I think that allowed them to just breathe and relax. You don't see your assistant coaches dance too much, but I think that just gave them the ability to relax and play. We talked about in the locker room before we came out, it's just another opponent, it's another team, another opponent, it's athletes versus athletes, you have to put emotion aside.

From the Charlotte game, we've been trying to put a complete game together. Defensively we had some mental lapses versus their penetration, but from start to finish we did a good job.

We felt that our transition game, they would have a hard time stopping, just because of their players, they played a lot of players today. We felt like, that's us, that's who we are, that's the strength of our players, so don't go away from what's gotten you here. Our transition game got us going, and before our transition got going, we were rebounding, and rebounding enables us to run.

I think the East Carolina game, as bad as we played, I think it was a reality check for our players and as bad we played that Friday, we played that much better at Charlotte. You can kind of see it in their eyes, you can see it in there, `ok, we're getting there, we're going in the right direction.'

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