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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 22, 2004

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Head Coach Blair Savage
It was a close one. We anticipated that style of play from Lipscomb just from reviewing film from last year, so we told our players, people are going to do that to us, we have to be confident in our half court game. And at times, we were patient, and at times we weren't, so, but we can fix those, those things are very fixable.

What we need to get better at is being consistent. We rebounded extremely well against Mercer and tonight we got out-rebounded, just the consistency on the things we talk about in the locker room, where our goals are rebounding, free-throw shooting, we try to set goals, and we met some of them, but some of them we don't, so just consistency on doing that. The thing I do like is that we're winning close ballgames. I think that brings confidence from the person that's in to the last person that's on the bench. We understand the game and we understand that and knowing that we can win the close games.

On scrambling with three players injured for the Lipscomb game We're getting Jessica Hall reps at point guard, and Devin got some at two-guard, we are just kind of playing the shuffle game with the guards because we only have one sub. I think it's good, I think it allows us those people who are injured to see the game and to understand how we need to be doing this and how we need to be doing that and they're talking to their teammates as well.

Our seniors did step up, you've got to give them all credit. Victoria hit the big three and Sullivan got some stick-backs for us on offense and finally started running the floor. And Raven came up with some crucial rebounds there at the end, and that's what you want from your seniors. Now Kaneshi got in foul trouble, but it's just one of those nights for her.

On the Lady Tiger defense which was forcing Lipscomb all the way to the end of the shot clock on possessions in the first half
We're so athletic that we need to use that (defensive pressre) to our advantage. Our players have really bought into our system as far as deny one pass away or front the post, whatever we decide to do that night, they're gonna do it.



Victoria Crawford
It all started in practice, I think back on yesterday when we only had 10, so we pulled it through. Coach was telling us how we have people hurt, but how we all have to step in and know our role and all of us add that little bit to get us over the edge in crunch time.

I think it will help us along the road with experience-wise. Some people in big games down the road will look back on this game and say ok I've been in this situation before, so it's just preparation for games to come.

About the three-pointer at 48-48 They sagged off me, and I was like, I can knock this shot down, so I'm gonna shoot it. I knew it was kind of early and coach really stressed moving the ball and running the clock down a little bit before we take the shot, but I was just wide open. And as I shot it, I didn't even see it go in, I just looked at the bench and said oh my god. That was really a crucial point I believe, because it was tied.

Our guards, we have two guards out, Gresh Gorman and (Tamika) Butler and you know, we only have a couple of guards. Raven Rogers is a three/four type girl, she's a point forward and sometimes she had to move to the wing and sometimes they played me at three. With the limited guards, you've got to stay in and push through, if you're tired, you've got to push through.

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