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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 25, 2012

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Senior forward Nicole Dickson
"We came out real slow and put ourselves in a hole that was really hard to come out of. When we finally started to play, it was too late and shots weren't falling. We had bad defensive possessions and it was just a lot of things."

"We knew at halftime that there was a chance we could still be in the game. We are a young team, so everybody has a lot of energy, so we just came out wanting to play hard."

"Coach told us we put ourselves in a hole and we had to get out of it. Tomorrow we'll come back to practice and go hard. We have some adjustments that need to be made on defense, close-outs, things like that. We are going to have to come in here ready."

"We have people in all different types of positions right now. This was our first game without (Bilqis) and it's tough to play point guard at this level, but we're just going to make some adjustments. It hurts, but we are a Division I team and it's just an adjustment that we are going to have to make. But we have other people on our team who can step up."

Freshman guard Ariel Hearn
"We just came out and our intensity level was low on defense. We have to work on defense, mainly. We have to want it. I feel like I let my team down today by getting in foul trouble."

Head Coach Melissa McFerrin
"I probably made a mistake taking us out of our full court defense to start the game. I thought that was the smart thing to do with a really short bench. I don't know if that was the difference, but we're probably going to find out because we're probably not going to start in a half court defense again because it may have sent the wrong message to our players."

"It was really hard to stop them and we then secondly, we couldn't get anything going offensively, particularly when Ariel got into foul trouble and we just simply didn't have a ball-handler in the game. That's a lot to ask a young point guard to do, you know, play nearly 40 minutes, guard the basketball the way we guard it, and oh, by the way, you've got to handle the ball and make the right passes, but that's where we are right now. Ariel has to stay in the game and it put a lot of pressure on our team offensively when we couldn't keep her in the game, but the game was lost on the other end of the floor."



"To be honest with you, the pieces were just starting to fall into place with the eight new players that we have. So now, with two injuries to two players that played pretty important roles, one is our primary ball-handler and the other one was beginning to show herself as one of our primary scorers, so take those two big pieces out of the puzzle that was just starting to show itself has been difficult. However, there's still a lot of things we can do really well, but we've got to be committed to doing them.

As we're struggling to find our way again offensively, we've got to guard the basketball. We've got to get very solid in the half court and we can't give up easy things - transition layups and free-throws, we can't give those up. The score of the game needs to be a lot lower now than it needed to be earlier for us to win.

Once I found five players today that were willing to play hard, I was just going to stay with those five players. That might be the way it is. We are not a program where you come in and do what you want to do. This is a program where you do what you are asked to do in order for our team to be successful, so if that's going to be five players. But I hope over the course of the next two or three days that we can find a level of accountability within our program that I can rely on two or three more players off the bench."

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