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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Dec. 31, 2008

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Sophomore guard Alex Winchell
On the three that tied the game
"We had a play set up with a flare screen and Tehani's defender decided to come over and double-team me and I just stepped through and put it in.

They had a couple runs and we had a couple runs. They kept the lead most of the game, we just never let it get out of reach and we never stopped believing we could come back and take the win.

They did play a lot of zone and a lot of man. Our counters, we have a counter for anything. Coach Melissa has a counter for anything they can throw at us in a zone, anything they throw at us in a man, so we were ready for them to play both man and zone.

I think we came out a little slow. They played the other night and we haven't played in 10 days, or however many days it was since the Bahamas, so we were a little slow, but we came out running in the second half."

Head Coach Melissa McFerrin

"I think we had a timeout with 3:40 to play and we were down by six and we're like hey, we just got to make three defensive plays and we got to hit a couple of shots. I told the kids in the locker room I was really proud of them because we were down the entire game and it would have been really easy for us to just pack it in, but we didn't, and in the end, our last two offensive possessions were perfectly executed. They got a hand on one that Alex made a great catch and hits the three and then Tehani cut a hard hedge on a ball screen on our last play of the game. She kind of bounced wide a little bit, attacked the hedge man again, anyways, I'm just proud of them because they hung and hung in there.

The only thing we were disappointed in in the first half was when they scored easy baskets because we made mistakes. They weren't huge mistakes, but they were like, oh we missed a match-up on free-throws, or we ran in to a passing lane and ended up playing five-on-four or we went middle on boards instead of baseline. They had 39 points and I think we gave them probably 12 or 14 on our simple mistakes. So we talked at halftime about getting solid, playing very fundamental, specific basketball, trusting the system and just trying to out-work them. Just a really rewarding win for our kids and I'm really happy for Paris and AT (Ashley Thornton), we talked about it before the game, they have never ever gone into their conference season with a winning record. They're so happy in there, they can hardly stand it, and they should be because they worked hard enough to win this game.



Absolutely, and I'll be honest with you too, we had some tired kids out there today. Tehani is still struggling a bit with some asthma, Alex ended up sick today, we came back from Christmas and we worked the first two days of practice. We may have even had a little fatigue just from working really, really hard. We talk to our kids a lot about our work habits will win us games late, and boy games like this absolutely make them believe it."
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