On the Road With Tiffany Adkins
Go Tigers! Junior Tiffany Adkins
Go Tigers!
Junior Tiffany Adkins
Go Tigers!

May 3, 2000

MEMPHIS, TN - Well, it's about that time. A couple of months ago, when Coach McNelis mentioned to the team about going to Europe, we were all very excited and agreed we wanted to go. I don't think we actually thought we would get to because of how expensive she said it would be. Then, a couple of days later she came into the gym with this huge smile on her face and announced to the team that everything had been approved and we were headed overseas. I noticed a few happy, scared, surprised and I'm not sure what other kind of looks on some faces. I think some of my teammates really wanted to change their minds about going but it was too late. But, after Coach gave us a few details about our trip and some things that we will do between games, everyone started getting excited.

Now that we are a few days away, we are all very excited and have started packing and wondering how we are going to fit ten days worth of clothing into one piece of luggage. If Coach can do it anyone can. We all know how she likes to take about three bags for a four day trip. One thing I know we will get is lots of sleep on this eleven-hour plane flight. I'm sure we will need it for this great competition we are about to face. This is going to make us much better for our upcoming season. This is a great opportunity for our program and we are going to take advantage of it.



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