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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 18, 2011

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Louisville (14-6-3) 2, Memphis (22-1-1) 0
NCAA Women's Soccer Championship Second Round
Mike Rose Soccer Complex (Memphis, Tenn.)


Head Coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes

Opening Statement
First of all, congratulations to Memphis on an absolutely fantastic season. To go unbeaten for as long as they've gone is tremendous. So, we first and foremost applaud them.

With regard to the game now, I think it was kind of ironic that we scored the two goals completely against the run of play. I really thought Memphis was really coming at us in the start of the second half. So, to get thee two goals against the run and play, it was important to really kind of slow them up and give ourselves a bit of breathing room. (Christabel Oduro) is a special player. She's fantastic. I thought we did well with her, and they have a lot of great attacking players. But, once again, I think our back line did an absolutely fantastic job.

Talk about controlling Christabel Oduro.
I've said this all along--special players warrant special attention. She's a player that we've watched a lot of just her on video just to make sure we had good pressure on her and then cover in behind that. She still found ways to get opportunities, but that's what good players are able to do. So, yeah we knew we had to key in her. But I like our back line, and I thought we did well with her.

How magical has this season been?
The first round was our first NCAA win. That's a good way to describe it. I think the year has been magical. But, I think what creates years like this is the players that you have. We have a very, very special group. What we may lack in talent in certain position or key kids we make up for in team chemistry and just a great group. We aren't defined by individual players; we're actually defined by our unit. They enjoy being around each other from the first player on the team to the 30th player on the team--at practice, at dinner, wherever. I think it shows that we play for each other.

Talk about the game Sunday against Florida State
You know, honestly I don't know too much about them. Obviously, I know their coach very well, and I think he's one of the best coaches in the country. So, I know that they will be a very good team. I didn't come out to the game prior to ours. I sent my assistant to do that because in all honesty, we have worked very hard at staying in the moment and doing what we need to do. There was no Sunday in my eyes until we finished tonight. That's what tonight and tomorrow are for. I have to take a long look at Florida State. We know they are going to be very, very talented. They play in one of the top conferences in the country with one of the best coaches in the country.

Senior Goalkeeper Chloe Kiefer

Talk about how Memphis came out attacking in the second half and how close the shot was that glanced off the post.
Memphis was coming out pretty hard for a couple minutes there. And, like coach said, our back line did a great job defending their goals up top. The Memphis player was able to get loose and flip one by, but we were able to prevent it from going in, and things kept going our way.

Talk about how things changed after your first goal.
I think we kind of took the momentum a little bit after having a goal under our belts. Confidence wise, we knew we were okay and could kind of take a deep breath. But, Memphis didn't stop coming at us. Obviously, they played till the very last minute, and we had to defend well. We couldn't take a second off from them.

Senior Midfielder Jennifer Jones

Talk about the freshmen on this team.
We're excited for them. They have worked hard all year. She made a great play. It's a good connection they have between them, so we are excited for them. They came up really big for us today.

Describe the first goal.
I wasn't in on the first goal; I can describe the second goal for you. I know we played it in. Erin Yenney played it in and the goalie kind of came up for and (Kim Sharo) was just there. She was able to hit it in with her head. Then the second one (Casey Whitfield) crossed it to and we headed it in to the back post. It was a great cross.

Senior Defender Katie McDonald

Did you feel like you guys controlled the game you wanted to?
We definitely had a lot of chances. They had some great chances, too. I think it went back and forth at times. They were very good through the midfield in the first half, but I think we figured it out in the second half and that allowed us to put them under more pressure. So, I think it went back and forth, but like you said, both teams had good chances. I think we were just able to finish.


Head Coach Brooks Monaghan

Opening Statement
First of all, congratulations to Louisville. They played a tough game. It's disappointing. There's only one team in the country that isn't going to go through what we went through.

I think it's a little bit premature based on the talent we have on this team. I've said the sky was the limit. I still believe that. Soccer isn't always fair. I don't want to say we absolutely deserved to win that game. But, we had our chances. It's a game of chances. Unfortunately, we didn't finish ours, and they finished theirs. I heard you guys talking about the second half that we were controlling the game. I felt great. I felt 100 percent confident in our kids. I thought it was just a matter of time. They made it tough for us in the back. It was hard to penetrate them, so credit to them. But, we did get a few chances. One of my assistants said "It's just 90 minutes."

What these kids have been able to accomplish since August is absolutely amazing. I've told them time and time again, especially the last few weeks; you have a whole city behind you. It's been amazing, the attention we've received. It's been an unbelievable ride. It's sad to see it end. As this season's over, we are looking forward to next.

How was Louisville able to contain Christabel?
They did their homework. They did a very good job on her. She still created some problems for them. I just have to say credit to them because she's so good and such a hard player to shut down.

Talk about the goal you almost had in the second half.
It's all a blur a little bit. I think whoever scored first in this game was probably going to win. Soccer is a game of chances. When you're this far in the tournament and you're playing a quality team, you have to take advantage of those. Unfortunately, the ball didn't end up in the back of the net. We created a lot, but their first goal kind of just bounced their way. It's one of our mistakes. I don't want to point fingers at anyone. In a game this tight at this level, you can't afford to make mistakes because when you do, the team is going to capitalize on them and that's what happened.

Redshirt-Senior Goalkeeper Elise Kuhar-Pitters

Overall thoughts on the game.
I thought it was a very hard fought match the entire game. We had good moments, they had good moments. It came down to chances. We had our chances, and unfortunately we couldn't finish them. They did, so at the end of the day, I'm so proud of this team and what we've accomplished this season. I just can't say enough about the amazing season we had.

Talk about Louisville's first goal.
You know, timing is everything. Unfortunately, it took a hop I wasn't prepared for. I maybe should have waited a few more seconds. I mean they finished their chances, and I don't know what else to say.

Senior Midfielder Lizzy Hildebrandt

Overall thoughts on the game.
Like (Elise) said, we had our chances the whole game. But, when they scored that first goal, I really thought we were dominating the game. We were getting shots. So, that was kind of unlucky that it happened. I think we just need to look back on the whole season and not dwell on this game any further and celebrate the great season we had.

Talk about Louisville's first goal.
My mind is a blur right now, so it's hard to remember the exact goal right now. But, they capitalized on their chances, and that's basically it. We had some chances that we should have capitalized on, but we didn't, so that's what it comes down to.

Did Louisville frustrate you after the first goal?
After the first goal, I still felt confident. I think the rest of the team did, too. I think when that second goal hit, the last 10 minutes weren't our best. We needed to keep believing and keep going at them. I think that's when we failed and people started to suspect things were wrong. I know that's hard to come back from, but we've had times this season where we've scored two or three goals in 10 minutes, so it's doable.



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