Memphis vs. Belmont Postgame Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Feb. 23, 2010

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Coach Windy Thees
Postgame Quotes

Carly Hummel had some nice stuff in the circle today. Talk about her performance.

“She actually didn’t have her best stuff today. I think that happens when the temperature is below 30, but she started out very well. They started going for contact, and she was getting frustrated since she is used to getting a lot of strikeouts. That sounds silly since; she had nine. She started trying to over throw it a little bit and that flattened the ball a little bit. She had a no-hitter going with two outs in the seventh, so I can’t really complain about it. Of course, we jinxed ourselves left and right, but she is a phenomenal kid. She is out there pitching her heart out throwing her stuff without losing her confidence. She keeps her focus well and knows what she can do.”

It seemed like the team came out ready to hit in game one. Talk about the hitters in the early innings of game one.

“We were comfortable and ready to hit, and we wanted to line some balls up. We have been hitting the ball really well; we have just been getting unlucky on all of the past games. The games that we lost, we out hit our opponents, but we weren’t able to score the runs. It was really nice to score all the runs early and be able to play with some breathing room. I was really excited to see Keanah (Prestridge) to get her first home run as a Tiger and Heather (Mott) really got a hold of one and put it on the track. We have got to keep working on pitch selection and balance at the plate.”



Belmont seemed to struggle finding the strike zone in game two. Talk about the approach at the plate knowing the pitcher had a tendency to be wild.

“They started a pitcher that has had some control problems in the past. We let the kids know that early on to let them get comfortable, but we started chasing the balls out of the zone. We started taking a lot of takes, and we were able to get runners on base. They made some errors to help us out and ugly wins are just wins too I guess.

At this point in the season where does the team stand in your eyes and what do you have to work on?

“Hopefully we are comfortable where we are at. Everybody has had an at bat and knows how it feels to wear a Memphis Tiger uniform.  This is just a starting point and there are a lot of things we need to do better. The pitchers all have pitches that they need to work on and improve to become more consistent. The defense made a few errors and that’s not really acceptable. We have to bear down and make sure we don’t make those little bobbles to give opponents base runners. Hitting wise we just need to get better at identifying strikes and balls.”


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