Tennis Court Renovations Are Underway
Go Tigers! Workers remove the wind screens as part of the tennis court renovations that began Wednesday.
Go Tigers!
Workers remove the wind screens as part of the tennis court renovations that began Wednesday.
Go Tigers!

Sept. 21, 2000

Memphis, Tenn. -- - The nets are down and the wind screens are in the process of coming down. Renovations are finally underway.

The HMSE tennis courts on the corner of Spottswood and Echles started to undergo their renovations, Wednesday.

The lower courts will have concrete poured underneath while the remaining courts get resurfaced and will have everything from the light poles to the court painted blue and gray. The entire facility will get new windscreens with the home of Tiger and Lady Tiger tennis painted onto the screens and the fan seating area will find a Tiger logo painted in front of the bleachers.

Lady Tiger head coach Charlotte Peterson said that both the men's and women's programs would like to have some type of roof to cover the fan seating, which would also be painted blue. Tentative plans through the recreation department have a gazebo and sand volleyball courts being added to the outside of the facility. Those facilities will be available for U of M student use through the recreation department.

There are four courts that are remaining open for physical education classes, recreation center use and for the Lady Tiger tennis team to practice on. The Tiger tennis team will move to The Racquet Club to practice.

The renovation will benefit both the men's and women's tennis teams, and is a project that Tiger Head Coach Phil Chamberlain has been working on since he was hired as the head coach at The U of M two years ago.

"This is something where we've been having two meetings a week about since I got hired here," Chamberlain said.

One major event that has been rescheduled due to the court renovations is the Lady Tiger Tennis Invitational, Oct. 20-22. An event which usually fills the Echles courts, this year's Lady Tiger Invitational will be moved to MUS, but head coach Charlotte Peterson said she doesn't mind.

"It will be like an entirely new facility," Peterson said. Peterson said the tentative date for the completion of the project is in December, approximately 75 days after the beginning of the project.



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