Strength & Conditioning


Iron Tiger Weight Room


The Tiger weight room, which is located just outside of the turf room, opened in January of 1993 and is used by a majority of U of M student-athletes. This weight room is home to Football, Men's and Women's Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and the track and field program. The 10,500 square-foot facility features the latest in strength training equipment. The weight room is equipped with 10 self-contained Olympic platforms and power racks, a plyometric/medicine ball area, a complete dumbbell line (up to 150 lbs in two and a half pound increments) and a variety of hip sleds, glute-ham stations and other supplemental pieces allowing athletes from all teams to perform an unlimited variety of exercises and movements.

Fieldhouse Weight Room


The Fieldhouse weight room facility contains four multi rack/platforms made by Power-Lift that are loaded with bumper and Iron Grip plates. Here the athletes are able to perform Olympic weightlifting and free weight exercises. Four Woodway treadmills and two Precor elliptical machines are used to train the athlete's anaerobic and aerobic energy systems so they are fit when they hit the court or field. A back room is comprised of two Iron Grip dumbbell sets ranging from 5-40lbs, three Power-Lift glute-ham machines, two Lat Pulldown/Row stations, a leg press machine, med balls, and plyo boxes where athletes can perform a multitude of assistance exercises. Upon entering the Fieldhouse weight room athletes pass through a recruiting lounge that consists of sofas, and a big screen television where the strength & conditioning coaches can meet and greet recruits and parents

Larry O. Finch Center Weight Room


The Finch Center weight room is home to the Men's Tiger Basketball team. The facility includes an array of free weights, dumbbells, machines, and medicine balls. This versatility allows the athletes using the facility to be trained in any fashion that the strength & conditioning coach sees fit. Located adjacent to the practice court, the Finch Center is a self-contained training environment that breeds success.

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