Strength & Conditioning

Training Philosophy


The University of Memphis Strength & Conditioning staff has adopted a no nonsense approach to the training of our athletes. Improving critical athletic qualities such as strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance make up the foundation of our strength & conditioning program as well as many other programs across the country. Where we feel we give our athletes an edge is in the development of mental toughness, instilling a blue-collar work ethic, and fostering a competitive spirit.

We refuse to handicap our athletes by making workouts easy. The sports in which we prepare our athletes place demands on their bodies that exceed nature's intentions. If we do not motivate our athletes to improve physically and mentally over their 4-5 year collegiate career then we not only set them up for defeat and poor performance, but also for injury.

Athletes are put through extensive training programs that match the needs of their sport, and their level of physical development. Freshmen are not expected nor encouraged to perform the same amount of work as seniors. A systematic approach to physical development is undertaken to safely and efficiently progress athlete's bodies to tolerate more intense and more frequent workouts. Our objective is for every athlete that trains under our supervision to be athletically capable of participating professionally in their respective sport at the conclusion of their collegiate career.

Turning over well-conditioned athletes to our sport coaches is a key element in the success of our program. Unyielding conditioning sessions build the mind and body. Individuals become teammates, and teammates become a team as together they battle through times of discomfort. Mastering the skills of any sport and achieving success in Division I athletics is a difficult task in and of itself. We do not allow fatigue to be an additional obstacle that our athletes must overcome when they step onto the field or court.

Very high expectations are imposed upon our athletes. They are not measured against the average athlete, but by the nation's best. Being powerful, fit, or fast is all relative to the level of competition that you compare yourself with. Throughout their careers, we seek to expel thoughts of stagnation and contention with their current athletic abilities from our athlete's psyche. If our athletes are to truly flourish and grow, they must understand that there is always someone faster, stronger, and in better shape. We expect their efforts in training will reflect an understanding of this unmistakable truth in athletics.

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